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Families & Parenting provides reviews that can help parents make informed choices about what they are allowing their children to watch.  (spoiler alert).  Tells exactly what "bad words" are said, describes alcohol/drug related content and much more. - is your one-stop shop for safety and security information and services in Canada

Family Service Ontario - is a not-for-profit, national voluntary organization founded in 1982, represents the concerns of families and family-serving agencies across Ontario.

Service Canada Life Events - There will be many important events throughout your life.  In some cases, the Government of Canada may provide assistance or important information.

Ministry of Community and Social Services Ontario

Ministry of Education Ontario - Provides a section for parents to allow them to take an informed interest in their child's education.

Homeschooler's Guide - is an online magazine that provides information to parents who choose to Homeschool their children. - is an all inclusive website with information on being parents. - is the home of parents and babytalk providing information and ideas for parents, present and future.