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The Canadian Genealogy Centre:

Canada Gen Web - the gateway to free Canadian genealogy:

Canadian Genealogy and History - links to genealogical and histroical sites (a Canadian gateway site):

National Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Library Gateway: links to the various libraries in Canada - sorted by library name, type or location.  Also   Canadian Library Gateway

For Canadian Census:

For bibliographic information about books, periodicals, music, video and other published materials in Library and Archives Canada, as well as the holdings for other Canadian Libraries:  AMICUS -

For access the National Library and Archives of Canada archival holdings from government and private sources:  ArchiviaNet -

Images Canada

Ships and Ports of Call

Immigrants to Canada (from the University of Waterloo) -


 Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador Archives -

Family History Society of Newfoundland & Labrador -

 Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Provincial Archives -

Prince Edward Island Genealogy Society -

 Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Provincial Archives -

Nova Scotia Genealogy Society -

 New Brunswick

New Brunswick Provincial Archives -

New Brunswick Genealogy Society -


Bibliotheque et Archives nationales Quebec

PRDH - University of Montreal's site for Quebec French-Canadian genealogy -

Canadian Genealogy Resources, Quebec

Ontario Archives and Resources-

Archives of Ontario - . 
The Archives of Ontario has the Indexes (where they exist) and Registration Books from the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario for:

  • Marriages:  1780-1927 (Note: There are many gaps in pre-1869 marriage records)
  • Deaths:  1869-1937

All of these records are publicly available on microfilm. Another year of records is sent annually to the Archives. These are restricted until they have been made available on microfilm. For more recent registrations, you must contact the Office of the Registrar General.

Archeion - Ontario's archival information network -
Archeion, from the University of Toronto is an online catalogue of descriptions of records (textual and media) located in archives across Ontario

Ontario Genealogy Society -  includes an Ontario Cemetery Ancestor Index and other genealogical resources

Ontario & Upper Canada Genealogy &

Ontario Public Library Digitization ProjectsOur Ontario Community Digitization Partners where you'll find links to many museums and libraries digital collections

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Northern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery -

Archives Association of Ontario - This Institutional membership list provides names and contact information for a variety of archiveal institutes throughout Ontario.


Hudson's Bay Company Archives -

Archives of Manitoba

Manitoba Legislative Library 

Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc.


Saskatchewan Archives Board

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society


Provincial Archives of Alberta

Alberta Genealogical Society

British Columbia Archives and Resources-


British Columbia Archives - Vital Statistics:  Birth registrations, 1872-1903, Marriage registrations, 1872-1932, Death registrations, 1859-1987, Baptisms index includes events over 120 years old.

British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid



Yukon Genealogy

 Northwest Territories

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Northwest Territories Genealogy Records Online -


Archive Council of Nunavummi

Explore North.  Archives, Museums & Historical Societies:  Nunavut -

Nunavut genealogy sources listed on CanGenealogy -